Welcome, Matilde!

Meet Matilde our new intern

Matilde is an architect hailing from Milano, Italy.
Prior to joining our practice Matilde was an architectural assistant at Momentum, Copenhagen.
Matilde holds a Master’s Degree in Interior Design from Politecnico di Milano.
Since she completed her architectural studies, she tried her hands at a variety of tasks and roles in the fields of product design, sustainable design, scenography and interior design. Matilde has also a background in psychology and philosophy which is evident in her design process.
At the studio we are thrilled about Matilde’s versatility. We feel she can be a true asset for our team and we look forward to undertaking many projects with her.

Welcome Matilde!


PIX from Valeria Polsinelli’s exhibition ‘Graines de Terre’ / ‘Seeds of Clay’


Wall text mounting. A work in progress

Earthy hues and a little bit of greenery.


The opening at the French Institute in Copenhagen. Fabio Ruggirello – Director of the Italian Cultural Institute – in a conversation with the artist, Valeria Polsinelli.

The limited edition exhibition booklet (engraved nut tree, brass & paper)

Valeria Polsinelli at the French Institute in Copenhagen – 07.09.2017 – 12.10.2017

Valeria Polsinelli is a french-italian artist who has been creating ceramics for nearly thirty years. While it was in Tuscany that she produced her first pieces, it is in the outskirts of Paris that she settled down and established her atelier ‘Graines de Terre’ (Seeds of Clay), after she attended École Boulle and subsequently graduated as a designer from ENSCI.

The exhibition highlights her latest creations – unlikely anthropomorphic jars bedecked with carved out cabochon of feminine features. These have since become her signature. Switching from decorative pieces to bespoke creations for design editors, she occasionally devotes herself to more streamlined objects which are reminiscent of the Scandinavian aesthetics.

The exhibition curated by our studio opens on september 7th from 5 pm and runs through october 12th.

Lawrence Ebelle Design Studio / Curated Works X Tomorrow’s Gallery


D. 10 november præsenteres tegnestuens seneste kurateret arbejde. Det er billedkunstneren André Lundquists udstilling og bog reception, hvor vi står for koncept og scenografi, mens den yderst dygtige set designer Leif Sigersen står for iscenesættelses blomster kreationer. Udstillingen og reception afholdes hos Tomorrow’s Gallery – Larsbjørnsstræde 5B i Indre By – fra kl.16.00 til kl.19.00


Snart åbner den nye sushi-restaurant NORI i den Østerbro-del af hippe Ryesgade.

På designfronten er vi i godt selskab. Udover vores egen tegnestue og skiltestudio er Håndvärk med Emil Thorup i spidsen, Blomsterdrøm og andre kreative kræfter med på projektet.

Vi ser frem til åbning af NORI primo Juni 2016.

For nu skal man nøjes med restaurantens stilrene skilt, som vi leverede i fredags.

På gensyn!


Custom window signs for communication architects

Our latest signage assignment is that of 44, a Copenhagen-based strategic communication agency, which specializes in branding small and bigger companies.

Instant chemistry, instant spark occured when our two creative agencies met so we’ll keep you posted about the future projects we will conduct hand in hand.

Stay tuned!

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10 Photos @ Hanne Klintøe



Aurélien Barbry, a French designer in Denmark exhibit


00.JPGOver the past few months the studio has been anticipating the upcoming show “Aurélien Barbry, a french designer in Denmark” in connection with the refurbishment of the new French Institute at Copenhagen. The show presents the work of french-born, Copenhagen-based designer Aurélien Barbry, who is a key player on the danish design scene. He has designed for high end danish design companies such as Georg Jensen, Le Klint, Vipp, Normann Copenhagen and the likes.


The studio was honored and thrilled to be part of this project. We produced and mounted all exhibition wall texts.