Welcome, Matilde!

Meet Matilde our new intern

Matilde is an architect hailing from Milano, Italy.
Prior to joining our practice Matilde was an architectural assistant at Momentum, Copenhagen.
Matilde holds a Master’s Degree in Interior Design from Politecnico di Milano.
Since she completed her architectural studies, she tried her hands at a variety of tasks and roles in the fields of product design, sustainable design, scenography and interior design. Matilde has also a background in psychology and philosophy which is evident in her design process.
At the studio we are thrilled about Matilde’s versatility. We feel she can be a true asset for our team and we look forward to undertaking many projects with her.

Welcome Matilde!



Snart åbner den nye sushi-restaurant NORI i den Østerbro-del af hippe Ryesgade.

På designfronten er vi i godt selskab. Udover vores egen tegnestue og skiltestudio er Håndvärk med Emil Thorup i spidsen, Blomsterdrøm og andre kreative kræfter med på projektet.

Vi ser frem til åbning af NORI primo Juni 2016.

For nu skal man nøjes med restaurantens stilrene skilt, som vi leverede i fredags.

På gensyn!


Renovation & extension of a mid-century villa


This summer the studio worked on the renovation and extension of a mid-century brownstone villa, located on the outskirts of Copenhagen.

The original 3 bedroom-house was given extra square meters by adding a new bedroom on an existing  terrace. The new bedroom embracing a luscious garden while eastward the villa was extended by a wide deck, accessible from the kitchen.

As we speak the happy owners are bringing their final touch to this exciting project. More pix to follow.

The entire entreprise was realized by Krausebyg (Anders Krause / http://www.krausebyg.dk)

Photos @ Siff Mandalay

Opening reception


The architect, the designer, the curator – Nov.6th-2015*

Friday night turned out to be a huge succes. One awesome night to remember. Many guests attended the French Institute’s opening reception under which the new cultural center revealed its new look.
After the official opening by The French ambassador to Denmark, the thank yous to the architects, designers and the invited artists, it was time to party, a glass of green absinth in one hand and a business card in the other (just in case), to look at the beautiful works showcasing french talents and in the end dance the night away.
The two exhibitions presented for the occasion featured design artefacts by Aurélien Barbry in the lobby and photographs by Arnaud Delrue in the upper levels of the house. Delrue who is also a writer, talked about his newly Danish translated novel Un été en famille (sommerferie med Familien), prior to presenting his latest photographic endeavor: Minotaures.

*A little reference to the Good, the Bad and the Ugly




04.JPGThe French ambassador to Denmark _ Mr Francois Zimeray (far left)  “christening” the new French Institute.

05.JPG Wall decoration in the cultural department (Lawrence Ebelle Design Studio)

06.JPGSignage (Lawrence Ebelle Design Studio)

07.JPG Checking out our looks in the elevator


09.JPG A few hot moves with gorgeous Gabriela

10.JPG Unprohibited absinth cocktails

11.minotaures-14.JPG From “Minotaures” – Arnaud Delrue



13_SOMMER-FAMILIEN.JPG “Un été en famille” translated to Danish

Sprucing up the French Institute’s lobby

The make-over of the French Institute started a few weeks ago. We are currently working on the reception area where a new oak flooring will bring warmth and coziness to the French new hub in Copenhagen. Along with the floor we created a removable platform on which visitors and guests alike can sit while reading a book, looking at an exhibition or just sipping coffee.

See you soon.