Paris-born, Chicago educated (University of Illinois) Lawrence Ebelle has many strings to her bow.

Post-graduation: her first two given work assignments were at the Art Institute of Chicago and later at the Musée d’Orsay. Within their respective Department of Architecture she was given numerous responsibilities ranging from research to graphic design, to bookbinding and ultimately exhibition design.

After leaving Chicago to settle down in Copenhagen back in 2001 she worked at architectural practice Andersen & Sigurdsson (prior to the office’s heading to Reykjavik, Iceland). Then she joined the creative team of 2+1 Ideas Agency, where she developed new skills and also had the chance to further practice her favorite discipline: exhibition design. 2+1 was a key-player in Denmark’s contribution to the 2 last World Expo (Zaragoza and Shanghai).

From 2009 she worked together with architect David Garcia (David Garcia Studio now MAP Architects) as his main assistant, pursuing her creative endeavors in the field of exhibition design that could be seen at various events (Landscapes of Quarantine exhibition at the Storefront for Art & Architecture, New York, NOTCH festival in Shanghai and Beijing, Second Nature at the Round Tower…). Along with her work focusing on exhibition design she also took part in a number of prize-winning competitions (HB:BX – New York, UNESCO’s Delta Cities of the Future, Rotterdam…). Moreover, she was running the day-to-day activities of the studio as well as being one of the editors of MAP (Manual of Architectural Possibilities) – the studio’s publication, which is distributed worldwide.

Since 2011 Lawrence Ebelle works independently at Lawrence Ebelle Design Studio. Her projects reflect her versatility and range that have been acquired through the various experiences aforementioned.


Paris-fødte Lawrence Ebelle er uddannet arkitekt fra University of Illinois at Chicago (USA) og Ecole d’Architecture de Versailles (Frankrig). Hun har flere strenge på sin bue. Hun har en fortid inden for museums branchen og har i flere år, arbejdet med udstillinger, indretning og design, både offentligt og privat.

Efter en årrække på forskellige arkitekttegnestuer og andre kreative bureauer både i Danmark og i udlandet, arbejder hun selvstændigt i sit eget firma Lawrence Ebelle Design Studio, hvor hun primært beskæftiger sig med rumlig branding og udstillingsdesign, skiltning og wayfinding.

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